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Welcome to our University Academic page! We are delighted to have you join us on this educational journey. Feel free to explore our diverse range of schools and programs, and become a part of our vibrant learning community. Let's come together to foster a deeper understanding and work towards creating a brighter future.







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Turn Your Passion into a Career

Juneteenth Intercontinental University offers a wide range of undergraduate degrees aimed at empowering and educating students. These programs focus on providing a well-rounded education that prepares students for success in their chosen fields. Students are encouraged to explore the diverse undergraduate degree options and embark on a transformative educational journey at the university.

Juneteenth Intercontinental University offers an undergraduate program with online sessions that provide flexibility and accessibility. Students can access these sessions from anywhere, and they last for six weeks. Depending on their performance, full-time students can take up to 3 classes per session, allowing them to complete their degree in a timeframe of two to four years. This approach enables students to balance their studies with other commitments and pursue their education at their own pace.


Elevate Your Knowledge, Empower Your Future

The graduate programs at our university offer a diverse range of disciplines for students to pursue advanced studies and specialization in their chosen fields. This includes master's and doctoral programs in areas like business administration, law, medicine, engineering, computer science, psychology, education, social work, public health, and environmental science, among others. These programs equip students with advanced knowledge, research skills, and professional development opportunities, preparing them for leadership roles, academia, research, and specialized careers.

Juneteenth Intercontinental University offers flexible online sessions for students seeking master's or doctorate degrees. Sessions start every Monday, providing students the opportunity to begin their educational journey whenever they are ready. Master's classes last four weeks, enabling comprehensive study in chosen fields, while doctoral sessions are eight weeks long, allowing for extensive research, scholarly exploration, and the development of a dissertation.


  1. College of Arts & Sciences

  2. Division of Aeronautic Sciences
  3. Division of Continuing Education
  4. Faculty of Agriculture & Biosciences
  5. Faculty of Architecture & Design
  6. Faculty of Business & Technology
  7. Faculty of Communication & Journalism
  8. Faculty of Divinity & Religious Sciences
  9. Faculty of Music & Theater
  10. Faculty of Education & Pedagogy
  11. Graduate School of Arts & Sciences
  12. School of Law & Political Science
  13. School of Dentistry & Pharmacology
  14. School of Engineering & Applied Sciences
  15. School of Medicine & Health Sciences

Divisions & Affiliates

  1. Centre Hospitalier
  2. Juneteenth Primary School
  3. Juneteenth Academy


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Support Services

  • R. J. Cesaire Library
  • Registrar
  • Counseling & Testing Center
  • Student Success Center (SSC)