Areas of Study

Students who have not yet declared a major at University Studies can select from fourteen different interest areas to guide their initial coursework. JIU Academic Advisors are available to assist students in honing their skills and interests within these areas, ensuring they are on the right path to choosing a major that aligns with their academic aspirations.

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Aeronautic Sciences

The Aeronautic Sciences refers to the study and practice of aviation, including topics such as aircraft design, aerodynamics, flight mechanics, propulsion systems, and aviation safety. Aeronautic Sciences Division of JIU provide education and training for individuals interested in pursuing careers in fields like aerospace engineering, aircraft maintenance, piloting, air traffic control, and aviation management. This institution aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the aerospace industry and contribute to advancements in aviation technology.

Majors: ~ Aviation Management ~Aviation Technology ~Air Traffic Control ~Aeronautical Engineering ~ Aerospace Studies ~Aircraft Maintenance ~Piloting ~ect.

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Agriculture, Veterinary, & Biosciences

The Agriculture, Veterinary, & Biosciences encompasses a range of studies related to life sciences, specifically focusing on areas such as agriculture, animal health, and the biological sciences. This faculty includes programs in agriculture, veterinary sciences, biology, environmental science, and related fields, with a primary emphasis on understanding and improving living organisms and their environments.

Majors: ~ Agricultural Sciences ~Veterinary Medicine ~Animal Science ~Plant Science ~Food Science ~Biology ~Biochemistry ~Environmental Science ~Forestry ~Wildlife Conservation. These majors focus on the study of living organisms, ecosystems, and the cultivation of food and other resources ~ect.

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Architecture & Design

The Architecture & Design represents the academic department responsible for teaching and researching subjects related to architecture and design, which focus on creating and developing the structures and spaces in which we live, work, and interact.

Majors: ~ Architecture ~Interior Design ~Landscape Architecture ~Urban Planning ~Industrial Design, among others. Each major focuses on different aspects of designing and creating functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces, structures, and products ~ect.

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Arts & Sciences

The Arts & Sciences represent the creative facet of academic inquiry, with students in this field exploring fundamental questions about human existence. Curriculum focuses on both the individual and societal efforts to derive meaning from artistic, moral, spiritual, and intellectual perspectives.

Majors: ~Ancient/Paleo Hebrew & Biblical Studies ~Ancient Greek & Roman Studies ~Applied Music ~Art ~Art Conservation ~Art History ~ Art History with Language ~Chinese ~Comparative Literature ~English ~Fashion Design and Product Innovation ~Fashion Merchandising and Management ~Fine Arts ~French ~Game Studies and eSports ~German ~Italian ~Japanese ~Liberal Studies ~Music ~Music Composition ~Music History & Literature ~Music Theory ~Philosophy ~Russian ~Spanish ~Three Languages ~Visual Communication ~ect.

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Divinity & Religious Sciences

The Divinity and Religious Sciences represent academic programs focused on the study of religion, theology, spiritual beliefs, and philosophical concepts related to diverse faith traditions. These programs often delve into the historical, cultural, and ethical aspects of religion, providing students with a deeper understanding of the role of faith in society and the world at large. Students may explore topics such as religious texts, rituals, ethics, spirituality, and the impact of religion on individuals and communities.

Majors: ~ Religious Studies ~Theology ~Divinity ~Ministry. These programs typically focus on exploring various religious traditions, texts, beliefs, and practices, as well as preparing students for roles within religious institutions or related fields ~ect.

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Education & Pedagogy

The Education and Pedagogy in the context of JIU refers to the theories, practices, and methods of teaching and learning. It encompasses the study of educational principles, curriculum development, teaching strategies, classroom management, assessment techniques, and the overall process of imparting knowledge and skills to students within an educational institution. Education and pedagogy in a school setting focus on promoting effective learning, fostering student growth and development, and preparing individuals for success in their academic, personal, and professional lives.

Majors: ~ Elementary Education ~Early Childhood Education ~Special Education ~Secondary Education ~Educational Leadership ~Curriculum & Instruction. These majors prepare students for careers in teaching, educational administration, and curriculum development ~ ect.

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Engineering & Applied Sciences

The Engineering & Applied Sciences represent an educational institution within Juneteenth Intercontinental University that offers various programs and degrees in engineering and related applied sciences disciplines. This includes fields such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, civil engineering, and more, focusing on the practical application of scientific knowledge to solve real-world problems and innovate in technology and industry.

Majors: ~ Civil Engineering ~ Mechanical Engineering ~Electrical Engineering ~Computer Science ~Biomedical Engineering ~Environmental Science. These disciplines involve the application of scientific principles to design and create solutions for real-world problems ~ ect.

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